Nvidia 1070 refuses to boost, stuck at [email protected] volt. New install new driver!


I’m so puzzled. I have ran out of ideas of how to fix this and find the problem. I’ll paste logs from Gpu-z here, but I dont understand spoiler tags.

So my pc: Ryzen 1700x @ Corsair 16gb 3200mhz @ Asus 1070 @ Msi x370 sli plus @ Evga 650 80+gold.

One thing to note is Gpu-z says that Perfcap Reason: Idle, always stays idle. In Hwmonitor Utilization limit is always 1, my understanding is that it should change to 0 when “used” under heavy loads, I assume this connects with perfcap idle.

Card is working absolutely fine, except no boost.

So: Late night edit: Gave Manjaro@Linux a shot, while it’s using 100% graphics while playing a game it also only boosts to 1582Mhz, when pstate is set to max performance.

[Ok this is solved, removing most text]

My card is water damaged, I have concluded after an whole day of searching. Say 7x7cm where there is some corrosion, some microresistors and other small things, a few have som “crystal” looking thing on. Plopped the card in and… well, can still use it, but will try having it repaired at some good shop. This is Luise rossmann material right here.

Ouch. This is different behavior from the “safe mode” the card goes under when you short the shunts.

You could send the card to Buildzoid to see if he could resurrect it.

Yeah, unexpected. Splashed some water on the side of the case a few months ago, it’s a fractal design which is perforated at the top, a few drops must have made there way thru… Didn’t see it at the time, just wiped of the sides… All was fine.

Don’t know where buldzoid is from, I’m from Sweden, and I found a local shop which are equipped and experienced fixing micro components. They charge 80$/hour, paid 370 for the card. Will go to them and Se what it may cost, probably will be saved.

Buildzoid is located in the UK, and knows a lot more about how cards fail.

hm, I took a brush and carefully brushed of the crusty parts, got some distilled water and too and carefully “cleaned” it. Still looks corroded, and damaged, but now im back to full boost and it’s working like it’s new. Will see how long it holds it.

If it lasts me a year, i’m happy, since money is a bit short right now.

Is there anything thats recommended for me to do, to stop further corrosion? Should I leave it as is? I’m thinking like… clear coat or something similar to “protect” the damaged area from more damage? Idk, right now I think im just gona leave it and see how long it lasts… Who knows, might outlive the computer’s life.

Keep it dry.

Never touch a running system.


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