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Nvidia 1050ti Black Screen Flickering Whilst Playing On Steam


I am running a 1050ti in a Z440 with two Phillips 2737V7 monitors, running Ubuntu 20.04, with Nvidia 450 drivers installed.

When I attempt to play any games in steam I experience black flickering every 3-5 seconds. This behaviour is more noticeable when playing 3d games (Halo, HL2, etc).

I’ve attempted to change my refresh rate to 59 with xrandr, but my monitors are fixed at 60.

I’ve tried the GPU in another PC running Ubuntu 20.04, and the same thing happens.

Outside of this the GPU runs well, the problem only arises when trying to play games.

I would greatly appreciate any assistance in trying to resolve this issue.


What if you run 3D game with steam closed (just in tray)?
What if you play something without steam, like GoG game?
Did you try to disable interface acceleration in Steam settings?

Did you try different distro (Fedora or Manjaro)? You can boot from USB, and mount your partition with games to test, no need to reinstall anything except maybe install steam on boot usb.