Nvida Shield Portable 2!


How did I miss this???

Anyways, I was a Day1 shield(portable) user. Even preordered it.

I loved it and was very powerful for what I wanted to do. My favorite was minecraft when they FINALLY built in controller support, after a few years of begging. I eventually sold it due to needing money at the time, and the screen had a burnt image that I couldn't stand.

Anyone else interested in this niche portable gaming device?

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it's called a nintendo switch lol

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Yes I know it was called a nintendo switch lol but the portable runs android obV. But I'm interested in the business decisions.

We were all hoping the switch was going to include the pascal based Tegra but come launch (they seemed to be VERY HUSH HUSH) on the actual specs. Maybe for a reason? Maybe nintendo knew they werent able to get the pascal tegra and wanted to still keep the hype?

Maybe Nvidia would intentionally keep the Pascal chip for their own device?

Plus the switch has many issues that i would only buy into if they are addressed in a hw revision

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Don't think much more has been said on it.... most likely

Even the fans over at the geforce think so


Maybe if the switch does good we will see a new one

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