NVENC broken on Nvidia Open Source Kernel 515 drivers

Yes, I know ALPHA DRIVERS for consumer cards, but all the modules are there for nvidia-uvm and were successfully built, but NVENC is just plain broken with the Open Kernel Modules on my Ubuntu 20.04.4 LTS with 5.4 LTS kernel.

I expected G-sync to be broken as it’s listed as not working in the driver notes, but NVENC at least should work, but it doesn’t. I’m surprised how much my proprietary driver Xorg configs work, but NVENC not working is a HUGE letdown, especially since NVFBC with the patch works with the Open Source modules.

There’s also no reports of it working from people. So barely any reports of it working and not working.

And yes, I double checked my FFmpeg wasn’t the problem by reinstalling the closed source kernel modules and all my FFmpeg versions came back to life for NVENC. It’s specifically the Open Source Kernel Modules.

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@FurryJackman the fact NVENC is broken on the open source drivers makes sense. They only cane available few days ago.Also the drivers are in beta form for now.

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