NuggetNinja's Break a Leg Challenge! (Sort of)

So, as you all know our friends @SoulFallen and @Atomic_Charge have been doing a Just do it/Break a Leg challenge. This is my entry, sort of. This thread will actually just be a computation of my projects.

A lot of my tools and stuff like that are older because they are my father's or were free. If it wasn't safe to use, I wouldn't use it.

And This thread will not end when the challenge ends because I have shit to do.

First off, My robotics team.
(Yes my team, I started it and raised the money for it. I've put in my own money as well.)
First I we got a challenge: (Really cheesy video warning)

Then we ordered shit:
Control System:

Kit of parts:

ZTE Speed: (Competition phone)

Steel Beams: (jet fuel in the way)

Then we will design a roboto. (I'll post it designs when its done)

Then we build that shit. (When its done)

On to this old bookcase. (One in the far corner)
Needs better shelves because the original ones couldn't hold a penny.
Here's what I got so far:

Safety Shit:

Origonal shelf, can't support any weight. The particle board was lying around and will be quite a bit better. If you are going to do this yourself, get plywood.

Sanded vs non-sanded:

I also will cut some 2x4's to go underneath as extra support. Got some cheap brackets from home depot to help with the weight issue:

Onto My desk. This is something I am going to do along with the previously mentioned bookcase. Legs are in a very bad spot and I want to add some support so that it doesn't fall over into the wall and dent it. I am also going to re-do the cables and make them nice and neat when I do this.
Here's what it looks like now:

The plan is to add one or two more legs (that don't match because they won't be visible anyways) So that my pc doesn't hit the wall behind it,

More to come, probably a quick how to clean oil off steel beams when I find out a good way to do it. Maybe some of my woodshop projects from school, depending on what I make.

Any suggestions on how to do shit is appreciated, just don't be an asshole about it. Any questions, just ask.

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jet fuel.... Sorry

I like the idea. Keep working at it, always fun to see a project like this progress :D

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Thanks for reminding me.

I love FIRST! I did First robotics about 3 or 4 years ago and I go back and help out my team from time to time. It's a great program.

Who the fuck came up with this game.

Like who had so much time on their hands that they were compelled to make such a convoluted bull shit game.

I remember when robots were simple. You build a robot to kill another robot. The rules were simple. Fight to the death.

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Yeah. I like that too. Problem was I used to be on the high school team and you know we can't have violence! Need to be pc! Probably in college I'll start a team to do the fighting bots.

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