NTFS VSS access on Linux? Can I access shadow copies that already exist on an NTFS volume which were created by Windows on Linux?

Is there a way to access already existing Volume Shadow Copies on an NTFS volume in Linux?

The issue I’m trying to solve is restoring a file from Shadow Copy that has too long of a File Path Name for Windows. Specifically, the error I get is “Source file path too long”.

The source is a shadow copy, so they’re not editable AFAIK. I would assume accessing it via Linux would bypass this issue since Linux can handle longer file paths than Windows and wouldn’t care.

However, I don’t know if I can mount an NTFS Volume on Linux and be able to see the shadow copies as files.

Is this possible?

This states that shadow copies are actually just files kept in C:\System Volume Information\

I can’t access the directory in Windows for love or money. Possibly because I’m on a work computer (though I am local admin). Try accessing that directory in Linux. If they are just files, you may be in luck. Otherwise, I don’t hold out much hope. Most of the advanced features of NTFS aren’t actually features of NTFS, but rather separate services. As such, NTFS-3g probably won’t have anything to do with them, since it’s job is to give you access to the file system.

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That’s very informative. I actually found another way on serverfault.

TL;DR: Use the direct path and robocopy. Robocopy doesn’t have the same path limit that Windows does.

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