NTFS disks on Ubuntu server (For Plex)

Just thought id ask the Dozens and Dozens of smart people on thiz forum first before doing som ting stupid, but then i did use Windows for years so that may be to late.

Im moving my Media server (plex) from Windows to ubuntu Server and was wondering if its necessary to change them away from ntfs when all that is on them is the media files. and if so witch filesystem is the better choice for it. (physical disks btw)

If somone ha a good reason to use somting other than ubuntu for a plex media server feel free to add that. been jumping Distroes for years and years so im happy to try :slight_smile:

You can mount ntfs on linux if that’s what you want to do. It’s not a big deal but if you switch it just go with what Ubuntu sets it up for you and I think that’s ext4.

Thank you, just hoped it wasent any spesific bad sides. then i can change when i oppgrade the disks. as moving that mutch back and fourth would take alot of space and time :stuck_out_tongue:

Check the permissions before you allow Plex to touch your media. I recall the setup instructions for Plex in FreeNAS specifically state that your media should be in a read only state. This is, of course, in case there is a vulnerability in Plex, someone can’t come in and nuke all of your movies.

The trick with NTFS is that it uses access control lists for access control (fancy that). These aren’t honored by default in Linux, and everything ends up with 777 permissions.

I would highly recommend Ubuntu for this, and many other projects. I would also highly recommend another file system like ext4 if you just want to set it and go, or ZFS if you want to get a little extra nerding under your belt while you do this.

Thank you for the reply, just hoped that its not a very big deal 17tb on 5 disks is a lot of work to tranfere :stuck_out_tongue:
Il see if i have the space to change it

and i will defenetly change to ext4 when upgrading disks.

and check out ZFS. Extra Nerding is always a big +

Yeah, the problem with having that amount of data is what to do with it. You’d need 7x 4TB disks in a RAID 6 (RAIDZ2 if using ZFS), and that would net you 20TB of space. But hot diggitty damn, that wouldn’t last too long if you’re still collecting media regularly.

On the other hand, if that media is all on individual disks, you’re 1 head crash away from losing a chunk of your movies. Do you sink the time and money into getting all of that on to stable storage, while also closing a potential security hole? Seven 4TB disks ain’t cheap. That one is up to you.

hehe iknow, was hoping to get it into a raid soon, just need the disks for it. just the amount of disk needed is abit mutch atm

and a deasent controller witch im preaty sure my desktop msi motherboard dont have :frowning: but soon (i hope :D)

For media storage I use snapraid. It gives you disk redundancy without you needing to change file systems and you can add or remove disks without destroying the array. Zfs is great and all but the hardware requirements and risk of total data loss plus having to plan out storage expansion may not be worthwhile for a simple media library.

Ntfs will work on Linux but you should work toward moving your data to a native Linux file system if you’re going to use Linux. For just single disks either ext4 or btrfs are good choices. Btrfs is good for raid 0 or mirrors but anything like raid5/6 you’ll want to use zfs. You don’t need (or want) a raid controller for btrfs or zfs.

Thanks il check that out.

the plan i was thinking is changeing filesystem when i upgrade disk over time or the event i need to clean up abit and need to move files from disk to disk :stuck_out_tongue:

You can use ntfs and all in linux, but id highly advice against it.
NTFS is a horrible, horrible…absolutely horrible filesystem, once outside M$’$ little sandbox.
The cpu utilization on reading/writing alone is redicules, not to mention the security risks.
Id go with something simple like ext4, or if you’re feeling ballsy ZFS, since you’re moving to a open source platform, and as the old saying says, “when in Rome”.

Well i do like the saying When in Rome :smile: