NSA working with the DEA

So, as suspected by many people, the NSA surveillence tools are being used for much more broad purposes than purported by the government. The NSA apparently works with other agencies by sharing data and evidence to prosecute crimes (not relating to national security), not sharing that evidence with the defense of the accused and in some cases, the judges either. They have a process of so-called 'parallel construction' to reproduce evidence (originally obtained through NSA surveillance) under legitimate circumstances. Video and article below. 




Another article :


I haven't read the article or watched the video, but this doesn't come to me as a suprise. We all knew that at some point the NSA would start abusing the system, and sharing data with other agencies. At this point I'm pretty sure the NSA is sitting there and going

"Hey Dave! Want this guy's cell phone number?"

"Totally dude! A marketing company wants to pay me $120,000 to sell them 5,000,000 phone numbers!"

"Isn't it so fun to sell out people's privacy?"

"Yeah! Hey look, this guy has prostate cancer! Hahaha!"


It's just sad at this point. Maybe we should all move to Sweden, where they actually care about people's privacy. Or Switzerland, where they're always neutral.