NSA & Internet Privacy?

Okay guys so I have an assignment due for my English class and I'm supposed to be persuading an audience of why the NSA is bad and also I'm supposed to write how we can take action against this issue. I'm having a really hard time just coming off as a conspiracy theorist or something like that and just ranting about the subject. Does anyone have any suggestions that might help me out or lead me in the right direction? Anything would be great. It's not a huge assignment, just 500 words so it's not too hard but I'm just having a bit of a hard time.

You read this one today?


Thanks man! I can definitely throw in a reference to this article in there!

i have a secondary title:         NSA : The Stasi 2.0

Stasi was the Ministry of State security in east Germany (controlled by UdSSR i.e. Russia) after WW2 and famous for spying on citizens. It was part of an oppressive regime that aimed to control everything in people's lives.