NSA/GCHQ Activites Deemed Illegal



European parliament concludes that the spying techniques used by both the UK and US governments are in breach of Human Rights and are making recommendations to the EU in the next few weeks.

Im not sure how far this will go but seeing as they have determined that it breaches Human Rights (not by technicality but on a core level) it would be nice to see some laws or actions put in place.

Knowing the EU nothing will really happen.

Usually id agree, although in this case im slightly more optimistic as many countries within the EU have been victims of US/UK spy programs. So things like politicians and embassy level kind of spying which is slightly more serious than joe smith having his email read. 

Only time will tell :)


It's always good to stay updated with the NSA saga time after time


the uk really dont give a s**t for example the text message scandal hardly anything got done and normal people (like me were just like meh) oh and hears funny related pic