NSA...... Again, and im fed up!

im just wondering why, that is the question.... "WHY". After Readign yet another leaked paper on somethign the NSA was and still is doing im just wondering why, no matter if your on Linux, Mac OS, or Windows, they will find you and VIOLATE your privacy, even if you have your computer turned off...... seriously? what are our options now? Encryption is as USELESS as a Cleanex stoping a bullet if they plant Bugs into the Computer Hardware itself, and many more things they do, and thats just stuff we know, you can only imagine what else they have done to VIOLATE our rights and Privacy, this just makes me look at America and sigh, where did we go wrong.


Here is one of the many articles NSA is involved with:


need a diy in creating an electromagnetic  radio jammer

You could go Amish?

Computers, Internet, software and everything in between is my life, i couldnt go Amish even if they brainwashed me xD

A Hero? like Snowden?

If you guys check on Kim Dotcom, he is making his on Internet as we Speak, dunno much about it but Knowing him, he will do something about it as basically the Goverment and the NSA tried to Screw him over and now he is determined to screw them back.

Kim Dotcom is an interesting dude. Wonder what he's planning now.