Npm seems to be broken but I can't figure out why

That’s the thing. There’s scads of others people use in production. Can’t rely on the asshole before you to be relatively sensible

as for ridiculous dependencies, there’s packages that pull images of guy fieri, make you like a hot pockets ad on twitter if you install it with your browser open, projects that require transpilation through babel 3 times to work, and other shit no sane software ecosystem engenders. I’ll admit most of the BS is mainly frontend but it’s spilling over into other things as time goes on.

First thing I’d do is analyze the situation, and layout a plan to replace all shit.

I don’t know why people like making shit code bases. I guess they think it gives the job security?

so many repeated man hours.

they KNOW it does. I know no less than 20 shitheads that can’t program competently coasting on their unintelligible JS entrenchment

any of those places hiring? xD

no, because they know the cost to replace their JS tumors is more than keeping the idiots onboard.

Some of these people work for fortune 500 companies.

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