Now what?

So now I finally have all the parts for my PC. Yes i am new to this lol. Now what? Do i need to buy windows home premium or what? I'm stuck now. I will be building the PC Tmw and would appreciate the help. Thanks

I would get a 4-8gb usb stick and then go onto youtube for a tutorial on how to download Windows, transfer it to your usb stick, and then transfer it to your new computer. After that I would get a firewall and all other programs like Microsoft Word, Google Chrome, FlashPlayer, etc.

we here at tek syndicate do not endorse or condone pirating of any kind

legal solutions

  • buy windows and install from a DVD
  • buy windows and Install via flash drive
  • install Ubuntu, Zorin or Mint linux distros via CD/DVD/USB FREE

I am looking for a windows operating system, But which one should i get. Premium or Pro.

the cheapest, there is virtually no difference, marketing for the sheep basically

Agreed, go for the cheapest. 

Yeah, get whatever is cheaper. I personally like to have Pro, but that's just me. Just make sure that it's 64-bit and you'll be fine.

Btw, OEM copies are cheaper than retail copies.