Novice in Networking, Simple Server Setup

I am currently enrolled in a 4 year Computer Networking Degree, I thought it would be really fruitful and give me enough knowledge to fully utilize a Windows server environment. But unfourtunately one of my teachers was not that compentent and read off his slides verbatim, and it was useless. I did setups on VMware workstation, but I now have a physical environment that I want to work within my local network.

So I have a Windows Server 2008 R2 Datacenter setup on a Asus P5N-D desktop. I have it currently connected to my router with DHCP via a Wireless adaptor. I have learned basic setup of the Active Directory, and some Remote Desktop setups, and setup of users over the domain. But I was wondering as a novice, what would be a path I may want to take to set up server that I can store stuff on, and access virtually or locally?

I remember when I originally tried to create a Domain, I actually set the server up as a DHCP access point, but I don't need that anymore, so it is back to just the bare bones, a AD that is set up with the domain name and that is it. I really don't want to pay to much for learning materials, so are there any great simple step by step guides that you would recommend. I can do googling, but what ever you people have is a start.


If you are using Windows server, Microsoft technet is the best way to go in finding best and easiest setup routines

Is this some stuff that it's related to MCITP?