Novice - help This is what i'm looking at, they build the system but I want some opinions... Anything I can swap out. I have a windows 7 OS but it will be a cracked version, I don't know if this will cause many problems but id love some help. I was considering a ssd. 

Don't ask for cracks or warez here, no pirated software here.

Please don't buy that, you could get a lot more for less. It has a Bulldozer AMD FX 6100 which is pretty bad compared to Piledriver (Vishera) FX 6300, or an Intel i5 2320.

Give us a budget and we can pick the most appropriate parts for your needs. Just say how much and what you want to do with it.

My main argument will be that they're trying to sell you expensive, older hardware with just a fancy case.


Budget is between £550 - £600 ($870 - $950 ) without monitor or keyboard... Will be usin me tv for a few weeas and probably get like a dual 22" set up. And I wasn't asking for a crack... A friend gave me one a while ago when my laptop died. I thought it was possibly an OS problem. But if you could help I'd be very grateful. I would be happy building the system. I could get help plus it's pretty simple... thanks for the help so far 

Also it will be mainly used for gaming... Some word, PowerPoint work ETC. already have a MS office

This would be the best gaming rig right now, has the best graphics card for most games, Nvidia is almost the same, in 1 game or 2 it's a handful of frames per second faster.

You could get a AMD HD 7870 or a NVIDIA GTX 660 for less money, power consumption, heat and noise (the 7970 will be a monster, 680 too but it's more expensive, not good value). The 670 isn't worth it at it's price range. The 3gb on this or 2gb on the earlier ones would suffice for 2 22" monitors, even on high settings. With the money saved you can get a Windows copy, more storage and even a SSD for Windows and Office. I'd reccomend this approach although if gaming is the main concern, the graphics card is the most important part to invest in.

I couldn't find the cooler master case faclon northwest used, it's up to you anyway, I picked the best rated one. I would reccomend a Lian-Li or a Fractal Design, or Corsair, they are discrete to go with the living room.

thanks for this feedback, I ended up watching the midgrade build for UK logan made... i ordered most of what he said basically. although im spending more than i was hoping. ended up spending £660. I used and got everything cheapest ( i may have just sacrificed an extra £2-£3 here and there so im not ordering from 7 different websites). also I made sure i had tracking and such because its a large amount of money to just go missing. Unfortunately i have to wait a couple of days anyways for the extra money to buy the 7870, I had a long delivery time on the RAM. However it was shipped the day after i ordered. My friend is slightly jelous as he payed well over £800 and well my system is going to out class his. bit of a rant sorry. OH I almost forgot, I was going to use the NZXT tempest 410 case but I would not be able to use the header on that case with the motherboard i was getting. Someone reccomended the Zalman Z11 so ill be going with that. also its not to go with the living room, It's my bedroom... my mancave... my hideaway