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[NOVA] [JOB] Help me Trouble shoot LGA 3647 Server - PAID

Few months back I bought a few server parts thinking I would be cute and save a buck aka ES CPU and weird ram, well I got a new job and really don’t have time to figure out what’s wrong. Anyone wanna figure out if its my modded firmware/badly seated CPU or whatever for cash? In-Person only please.

256GB 8x32GB DDR4-2933, PC4-23400R 3DS (TSV) Registered, ECC (RDIMM), 1.2V, 288-pin
Intel Xeon Gold 6138 ES QL1L 20C 1.8GHz LGA3647
Supermicro X11DPI-NT Intel Xeon Scalable LGA3647 E-ATX Motherboard

I’m in Arlington, VA