Noticing that some Haswell Xeon CPUs are in short supply, any word on why?

Long time lurker first time posting I believe. I am a couple of weeks away from finishing my new homelab server build and I had decided on a Xeon E5-1650 v3 as the center piece to my build. I had this build all spec out a couple of months ago and have been getting parts over the time, just waiting for my tax refund to finish off the bigger items. Today I was double checking pricing on the remaining items only to have noticed that a lot of the traditional PC part stores are either running out or out of stock. Any word on why? We are smacked dab in the middle of a product cycle so I would expect that this part should be readily available. I haven't heard of any manufacturing issues either. Just curious if anyone would have some incite.

Thanks and keep on the good fight people!

Most likely either the demand is not very high so there is not much reason to keep it in stock. 

Also could be a sign of broadwell comming in a few months. Nobody really knows.