Notebook making strange worrying sounds

Recently, my Dell XPS 13 9370 started to make some strange sounds that I can´t really identify. It since stopped doing those sounds and still not sure what it was. Curious if anybody has ever heard something similar and knows what it means.

Appearently you cannot upload any sound formats, so I made it a “video” with an image that somewhat assembles my reaction to this. (Though it got a bit long the sound clip was actually only 12 seconds)

I did try prime95 with hardware monitor running yesterday and it all seemed fine. Apart from the fans reporting that they where running at >4000rpm once they started, which they deffinitely did not (I don´t even think they can do that if they wanted to)! But that appears to be somewhat ‘normal’ as I have seen other people online reporting the same thing about fan speeds being WAYYYY off on these dell notebooks.

Install HWinfo64, sensors only, there might be a fan icon at the bottom try and manually force the highest fan speed

Is their any routine, of this noises appearance?
Do you recall what activities, you were performing on it?

Tried that just now it briefly spins up the fans then they stop again. They won´t stay at whatever I put in manually.

I don´t know just happened once yet.

Nothing out of the ordinary. I mean cerntainly taxing the machine. But nothing I have not done before, quite literally every single day for the past 2-3 years. Though it did not go away immidiately when I restarted the machine yesterday. So even without anything running it kept doing that.

I did also take it apart and unplugged/replugged the fans it´s possible that fixed it. Mainly I just wanted to physically see if they work fine and what happens when it makes the noice. Which it did not do anymore.

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