Notebook 4 fruity loops/autocad/office stuff

Dear ppl of the world!

my old toshiba tecra m3 died and now im looking for a new laptop mainly for producing music with fl studio, drawing some 2d stuff in auto cad and streaming movies during train rides.

I dont actually want to build one, just want to know what notebooks are suitable.

I kept my eyes and ears open and found an zenbook ux21e on a local 2nd hand homepage.

Its this one:

(german, but hardware names are international...i guess)

i got some questions:


Is this ultrabook capable of my needs?

Is the price ok?


Im kind on a buged (500€ max), poor student 

thanks for any answers!


Kind of old; that processor is two versions outdated.  Intel HD 3000 sucks.

How much is a Lenovo Y410p in your country?

The laptop you linked is  not worth €500, but I think you will be able to perform all the functions you listed easily on an ultrabook. The fruity loops and office are a no brainier, and autocad really depends on how you are going to use it, but it should still work.

This is a much better bet:

I personally think Lenovo's are a POS (probably because I'm expecting IBM quality), but comparable should exist in other brands.

Also, I'm slightly removed from the Euro scene, and wouldn't know where to direct you, but you should be able to pick up refurbished Generation 3 i5 ultrabooks for ~€300-400(tops).