Note 5 Vs. LG V10 (Verizon Wireless)

After doing some light googling to see if there is a definitive "better phone", I decided to come to the Tek for a different perspective.

Right now, Verizon is offering both the V10 and Note 5 for about the same price and am looking to upgrade from my note 3 with Nova launcher. However I'm torn between the 2 phones because:

-Mico SD expansion
-Removable Battery
-Not trying to emulate Apple
-IR sensor
- $100 rebate

Note 5:
-Better processor (hardware)
-Little bit better screen resolution and DPI
- I have a lot of Samsung Electronics

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Stick with the note 3 and modify the hell.out of it. I am still in the note 2 and it is still goes blow for blow with new phones. Custom everything at this stage.

I personally am not a fan of Samsung cell phones. The bloatware and silly features they use drive me crazy. The only Samsung phone have owned is the Galaxy Nexus. I myself and a Verizon customer and a big LG fan as of late. I have used the G2 and now the G4. I wouldn't hesitate to get the V10. I love the rear buttons and knock on/off.

Wish I could, but I have android 5.0 and the bootloader is locked. I'll do more research, but that's the drift I'm getting over on XDA Developers.