Note 4 still a viable option?

Hey guys,

Currently considering switching from my iPhone 5s to a note 4. I used to have a nexus 5 before my 5s but switched back to apple for iMessage (yeah I know a dumb reason). Anyway, I can get a pretty good deal on a Note 4 and so was wondering if it's still a viable phone...

How is it with Lollipop? How's the battery life?

Note 4 is a great phone. OLED screens are the best. Removable battery, SD card slot, great camera. Don't have one myself, a friend of mine does. Install Cyanogenmod 12.1 on it if you want something similar to a Nexus 5.

The Note 4 is still an excellent device. Highly recommend it.

When you said you found a great deal is it for a used, new or refurbished device?

It's used with a cracked screen, that make a difference?

I do not recommend buying used.

Used is okay but with a cracked screen? No. Those phones are pretty durable so to break the display it must have been abused. Stay clear of it.

I've been using one for the past year, here are my thoughts on it.

-It sucks a 3D gaming. It just does.
-The large screen is awesome.
-Touchwiz is allright but nothing more.
-I'm having some issue with my SIM card not being recognized.
-Media playback over bluetooth has been buggy since launch for me.
-The custom roms scene isn't as interesting as other devices which is something I enjoyed a lot with my previous devices.

I use it mainly for productivity at work and it served very well. I LOOOOOOOVE the big screen, it's great for browsing and typing.

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