Not this again!

New rumors about half-life 3?

Just wondering if u guys have heard anything or can link som legit stuff =p

It's just some random crap, nothings been confirmed yet.

I heard some thoughts on it somewhere, and read about a believable confirmation, but I can't remember where, sorry. But I think Half life 3 is definetely coming, and hopefully with a new kind of engine (Source 2 maybe?)

Can't say anything for sure yet :P

aha ok :D  yea hehe i wonder how many times ive heard this before.. i hope this time, its true!

The ppl need this! =p

A new engine for soure, frostbite 3 had been cool!


PS4 and XBOX 1

4 - 1 = 3

Half Life 3 confirmed.

I'm really excited about a new engine. I still think source engine looks really good for it's age. 

Because it's been updated. Engine /= end-user graphics on-screen. You can make - a scene in - Unreal look like Half-life 2, and almost make the movement like hl2, but not the fundamental mechanics, physics, lighting, AI and so on (the engine itself).

seriously, until the day you see half life 3 show up on steams front page along with an announcement from valve, do not believe in anything, just forget it, that is the only way it will ever happen