Not sure what to get

I am building a dual Xeon pc based off of an intel skulltrail mobo (D5400XS)

I'm going to use most of the parts from my current pc, so he'res what I have so far:

-The skulltrail mobo (in the mail)

-two xeon x5365 chips

-4x4gb fbdimms

-storage and whatnot

-r9 290x for graphics.


And things I will need are:

-power supply

-two coolers

-a case to fit it all into


For coolers I'm probably going to go with two arctic cooling freezer pro 7 coolers. I had one in my old pc and it did the job.

For the case I was thinking of a define r4 because it seems pretty popular but I'm not sure if the mobo will fit as it is a full size e-atx form factor. 

As for the power supply, I dont know. I'm planning on a secondary gpu to run a few more monitors in the future, but nothing fancy, maybe a 7770.


Can i get a few opinions on this crazy build, and some suggestions as far as power supply?

i have to ask what you paid for that board and processors, i mean it's something that'll be beaten by an amd octa-core that probably uses less than half the power

Here is a good power supply with some overhead for maybe 1 more graphics card

I got the board for 90 bucks and I think I got the two procs for 150 bout 5 months ago. currently the procs benchmark exactly the same as a fx-8120 but I will be overclocking it a bit. 

I dont think I can fit that power supply into my budget unless I use a cardboard box for the case. Any good ones under $180 or so? I have been looking at a few but they dont have very good reviews.


case - the XL supports e-atx


you scored that mobo and cpu's for pretty cheap. well done.

Wow thanks, that case and power supply are perfect. Unfortunately the coolers are discontinued.

I think I'll just go with the freezer pro 7's as they are about $18 each, unless anyone else has any better ones.

I have been stalking ebay for months for the mobo, and got lucky I guess. They normally go for $200+ haha.

Thanks for the links though.