Not sure what modem to get

Ok first off, id like to apologise for my reduculus name and am sorry for whatever cancer it causes, just call me mark. My ISP, eircom, is throttling the crap out of my internet whenever I go onto twitch. Also whenever I call them up if I have a problem, which I do like everyday, they logon to my router/modem combo through their fucking stupid back door and then change the password and stop me SSHing into it for no reason. I then have to discard whatever settings I may have changed on it and hardware reset it just to get back into the shitty web ui. Anyway I have chosen out a new roster but cannot find any modems. It needs to be VDSL2 compliant and I would prefer if it was a modem only. Also I'm in Ireland so pretty much anything from the EU should be fine.
Thanks in advance

Without knowing the VDSL profile, we can't suggest a modem. Not all modems work on the same VDSL profiles.

I dont know what that is but the modem is
Thanks for reply

You should be able to log into the ZyXEL gateway and look up the VDSL2 profile. It could be 8b, 17a, something along those lines.

Sry for the delay, it took me quite a while to find it but its 17a

See if you can find an unlocked Thompson TG784. I've used my share of Actiontec, ZyXEL, and 2Wire gateways. They're all rubbish in comparison to Thompson devices.