[NOT SOLVED] Friend has PC errors, heres the log

Im just tired and cant sift through them and make sense of them right now. Anyone wanna take a look for me and say what you think is causing this error? He isnt the most helpful in diagnosing this apart from inducing the crashes/freezez/bluescreens/preytorian screech. Hep.

600Watt PSU corsair I think
R9 280
16 gigs of ram
some gigabyte board
Im so tired
Ill edit this when I awake.

So here's what started it all

6/20 Error: Event filter with query "SELECT * FROM _InstanceModificationEvent WITHIN 60 WHERE TargetInstance ISA "Win32Processor" AND TargetInstance.LoadPercentage > 99" could not be reactivated in namespace "//./root/CIMV2" because of error 0x80041003. Events cannot be delivered through this filter until the problem is corrected.

and I have come across two solutions to this problem from what I could find:

  1. Down and run the fix it tool from MS. LINK
  2. Run a check disk on the drive

"Click on the Start button, in the search field type cmd. Under programs
right click on CMD and select run as administrator. Next type the
following in the command prompt.
diskpart press enter
list volume press enter. Note which driver letter is listed to volume 3.

Type: exit press enter

Type: chkdsk /f X: (X=whatever driver letter that is listed for volume 3, also insure a space in between /f x) press enter"


If all of that fails then reinstall windows. Good luck!

Thanks for the quick reply! I had him run the MS Fix it and he seems to not have crashed/frozen since then and (although he still bugs me with EVERY little error his pc encounters even when its between background processes that there is no way to fix and doesnt even affect performance) is happy for now. Ill let you know if anymore issues pop up but thanks, it has seemed to work!

Glad to hear it! :D

Well Im back again as he stopped experiencing crashes for a while but is not having them again. I will also add that his first motherboard caught fire but was not noticably causing damage to other components. He did not have freezes then but he did only have it running for less that 48 hours before that incident. Anyways to me it looks like a software issue but idk anymore and I am like dont trying to work with him on this as he is very beligerent and does not like to listen to me. Any quick last ditch effort advice? If not he says he will take it to a shop and waste money on that im just about to tell him to go on at this point though.

Run away, far away.

tell him to buy a new pc and be done with it.

if you think it is software nuke the drive and reinstall windows.

The thing is that I gave him a list of parts skimping as much as I could without dipping into bad component territory and he decided to ignore me and went with the same on paper performance low quality parts and now is noticing the issues such as noise and heat. At this point I just very well might take it from him to and reinstall windows. That was a good idea lol. If there is another option I am all ears but if I get to his PC before i hear them, windows will be fresh and new.

People like him cannot be reasoned with. cut your losses, let the sheep suffer for his ignorance.


Oh well sucks to be him. I wouldnt bother with helping, let him get shafted by a store for (on-going) repairs.

do you know which particular Gigabyte board we talk about?
Tried a bios update allready?

tango down

He tells me he tried it but the odds of him doing it propperly are slim to none. I will double check before I reinstall windows as he says he has a lot to back up but really he just doesnt want to re dwonload steam games. mfw lol