Not so smart canadian build change

Hi Ladies and gentlemen, I recently posted a topic about a 1000$ build, but my price range actually increased, so I thought I would try to make another post, because the last one was very helpful at the time:

-Price range is up to 2000$CAD

-I am using it for hardcore gaming, metro,watchdogs,bioshock,etc..

-I am trying to convert from console to pc, so I apologise for all of my stupidity

-I will need a monitor, and an operating system prefer windows(not quite ready for linux yet)

~*note it was reccomended to me that I get an nvidia graphics card, and an intel processor, so please try to accompany that in the build*

-not quite sure if I will be overclocking, but I would preffer an i5, over an i3


-----thats all I know, thank you so much for your time!-----

Intel + nvidia is quite doable in this price range.

You could probably fit in an i7, but you don't really need an i7 for gaming.