Not Receiving the Windows 10 upgrade button? I need Help

SO i heard about windows 10 being released as you can reserve it and im not seeing the button. I updated windows and did everything that it said on the microsoft FAQ. Please Help.

cnet/ghacks fix <---- just a batch file to run, has promising feedback. Dont just take my word for it read through everything first.

Thanks. Turns out i had a secret update and now i have the button. Cheers!

I just got the button to appear last night.
I'm not going to upgrade to it for a while until it's had it's reviews

You are able to reserve a full copy of it without having to immediately install, I opted for this. It means you will have a fully-fledged windows 10 available on release without the obligation of an immediate install. I highly recommend you do this to be guaranteed of having windows 10.

What are the steps to do this? are there option in the update forms? I would like to have the option to upgrade but not be forced

  • Click the windows icon in the notification bar here:
  • Follow the steps, in step 2 or 3 you should be asked how you want to go about it. In this step select that you want to receive it by E-mail.

That should be it as far as reserving without the obligatory setup goes.

Cool, Thanks for the help!