Not one to ask for help but ITX help?

Ok so I'm building a mITX mostly for fun. I plan to make it a steambox and give it to my friend for his birthday. My budget is low, I'm trying to stay under $500. However I have a few concerns.... 1st I've never bought Intel, Is this a good chip for the price or should I be looking else ware? 2nd the case says it will handle a full ATX PSU but has anyone tried doing this with this case? and 3rd I've skimped on MOBOs before but this is a new low... will I really see that much of a difference with this?

Case: Coolermaster Elite 130

PSU: CX 500W


MOBO: ECS H61H2-I v1.1 LGA 1155 Intel H61

RAM: Team Elite 4GB 240-Pin 1333

CPU: Intel Core i5-3350P Ivy Bridge 3.1GHz

SSD: Mushkin Enhanced Chronos MKNSSDCR60GB-7

Also suggestions to improve price to power are welcome!

I think its fine, ECS isn't one of my favorites but it should work

Looks as though it won't explode based on reviews. If you're really concerned though your could probably go with the FM2 or FM2+, get a better motherboard with slightly worse CPU, such as this and reinvest the money elsewhere if it frees any up.

If i had my way I would just put an FX6300 in it and call it a day but for reasons I don't understand you cant really find a mITX board with a AM3+ socket. I have thought about using an APU but I feel its pointless because I have a graphics card. IDK maybe I'm being ridicules.

wait i just clicked the link... i had no idea there was a chip that used FM2 and wasn't an APU... Thank you sir you just broadened my horizon!

Don't go FX in anything but full size ATX. There is no motherboard available of safely handling a FX in anything less than ATX. You can find small FX boards, but they are cheap quality and will eventually fry your system. this is my saved entry level CPU/GPU build...some parts may not be best price/performance as of 5 days ago

Been using an FX in a Micro ATX board for about a year with no issues.

Like i said.... Im doing a mITX build. not a ATX mid tower. Thanks anyway.

Well just got done browsing my options for mITX boards with FM2 sockets and i think i might go with a MSI FM2-A75IA-E53 and a AMD 760K Richland 3.8GHz


Yes, you deserve a cookie! I love it. I think i will only change 2 things. taking the 130 over the 120 just because i like the way it looks and has better airflow. the other will be the SSD. I'm going to stick with a 60GB and just use it as a boot drive. The friend I'm giving it to already has a 1Tb WD blue drive. And I might go with a normal 750 for the sake of money. but other than that you captured my view!

I would recommend getting 1600MHz memory, 1333 is pretty slow

Makes no difference in gaming, though.

Also, the 1333mhz one is more expensive :S

Here's your cookie: 

yea i know i was just to lazy to find the exact one you had in the list... when im ready to buy im likly to go with the one you chose. unless i can find a better deal