Not impressed with 4k atm. Need a 1440p glossy panel

pretext: Bought an Asus 28"4k (went back within half a day) . I wasn’t keen on 4k as the ppi really is tiny (@ 28" )( steam is pointless ) and yet only one game in my library seemed to benefit ( ARK ) , it wasn’t even the performance hit which surprisingly isnt as bad as some people make it out to be but the fact that on a 28" 4k screen is freaking tiny. Its true 40" is probably going to be the ideal size for 4k, in order to see the real detail and differences with my crappy old eyes were talking sitting -30cm away ! I need a more natural distanced focus of 70cm and at that distance your talking squint worthy text. In fact after about 2hrs I felt dizzy'ish which points to my eyes straining ( i have 8000hrs on my current panel and no problems like that, but it is PWM and I would like a non-PWM screen) . Honestly even though things were more 'resolved' over 1080p they weren’t blindingly crisp images. Probably because it was using a TN panel and a matte finish.. things were just smaller. It just goes to show panel quality over pixel quality imo

As mentioned, one thing that really bugs me about monitors at the moment is the matte finish on them. Even the screen I had was supposed to have a light finish but it made it even harder to discern the detail on a 4k screen. I find Matte screens compared with glossy lose so much pop, contrast and perceived black depth not to mention the constant subtle 'bloom' it adds.

So, 1440p is my target ( cant fit a 40" on my desk ) and glossy.

any ideas which panels fit the bill ? Higher refresh would be a godsend.

Did you try any scaling options? What OS were you using?

Retina screen on my MBPro is tiny if I chose most detail option but scaled it's easy to read and really clear/reasonably sized.

Although you want glossy, I gotta say that I just picked up a 25 inch 1440p monitor from asus and I really like it.

I am a huge fan of glossy, but this is probably the best matte finish I have seen.

Most matte finishes have kind of like a glitter effect. It almost looks like there are millions of tiny crystals in the screen that will reflect light and it becomes VERY aggravating.

This finish is perfectly clear.

Best part about it is its cheap. Its a IPS 1440p monitor for 320 bucks.

So is this for gaming at all? because if not 4k then a 144Hz panel might be good for you instead

yea the Asus I had seemed glittery. Whats the panel you have dude ( dudette ) ?

Im thinking 144hz IPS glossy 1440p @ 27" ... but there doesn’t seem to be a glossy version of this ?

I was using Linux Mint Cinnamon 17.2, it has good hidpi support. The scaling made text seem smoother not crisper if that makes sense, its more smart phone like with everything being more rounded. I kind of wanted needle crisp detail and etched edges, But i think this might be more my obsession with pixel clarity and that the coating on the screen seemed to take that clarity away.

Don’t get me wrong things looked good, sometimes really great but the panel itself was a let down. 4k just makes things seem more resolved throughout the image which is nice.


Well you have 2 options, one free-sync one G-sync

What was your budget? Have you looked into an Ultra Wide?

XB270HU is the best GSync on the market right now, I own one and it is excellent, a lot of good features in one package. If you have AMD or are not interested in variable refresh rate, its not so good against other options. Also there is only one DP port, which should be all you need, but there it is.

from reading Acer panels are pot luck. If you get a good one then they are great but many seem to have expressed that Acer have no quality control at all. That said, the screen is out of my price range its over $700 where I am.

thanks though.

You might just be stuck with a TN display then, there's a few of those anyways

the Asus is within my price range but its Asus's light glare coating I didn’t like :(

I think glare coves can be removed with soap and water but Im not about to do that on an expensive monitor.

hmm.. perhaps 60hz IPS / VA ultrawide glossy ? any contenders in that arena ? Glossy is a must.

Just about every 1440p 21:9 monitor is over 700 dollars in the US, so however much that is

hmm.. yea just been looking. Only the 2560 x 1080 are in my price range I would say.

Those really aren't going to be worth it, too little vertical space. As far as normal 1440p displays goes there a good amount that are glossy

I think I may wait for more 144hz ultrawides to be released. Perhaps when DP1.3 is finally out we might see a lot more.

By the time that exists 144Hz 4k displays will exist.

There's also at least one 32" 4k display I'm aware of, so that might be something to go for

what about the 32" 1440p VA screens ? are they any good

Depends if you really want the color reproduction IPS gives you

I bought a screen, I shall see how I get on, otherwise Im going to be on first name terms with the delivery guy :P