Nostalgic special TEK show

Could you guys make an episode of the Tek as if you were making the show more than 10 years ago? Perhaps to show how far we've come or how far we haven't. Things that would be cool to see:

Generic tech improvements i.e. 'Seagate is releasing a massive 10 gb hard drive' or ' benchmarks on the new GT 6600' 

ISP nonsense, but involving AOL, or the 96 TC act

Digital distribution of music and butthurt recordlabels.

Surveillance issues, FBI going after people using Kazaa

State of PC gaming during launch of xbox 360 or earlier


The browser you use has to be Netscape and you have to be wearing 'frankie says relax' t-shirts

Sounds like fun

So just make it like the old Tigerdirect days? (/current days because they haven't changed their channel much at all from the old 90s styled stuff)

10 gb hdd? Is this a 10 year flash back or 20?

I love old Tech I think there should be an entire show devoted to Tech gone buy old PCs and how cumbersome it was to setup networks and servers. It really got you into the guts of things and you learned a lot more than you do today with a lot of stuff being ready to go out of the box.

Logan's Killer NIC vid on TD is still up. I remember his first gpu review & computer review. Can't seem to find that video that lured me to watch his vids back in the day.

a commodore64 unboxing FTW :P or a how to make a COAX bus network video