Normal tempratures for FX-8350?

Hey guys. I just finished building my pc today and i checked the tempratures. I am using a 8350 cpu and evo 212 heatsink. It is idling at 29 degrees and then i decided to run prime95. After 10 minutes it was at 54 degrees and after 20 minutes it was at 53 degrees. then i stopped the test. is this normal? Thanks for replys...

That's normal and fine.

Anything over 70 is getting a little toasty and anything over 90 is just bad...

Sí, oui, yes, quite.

those are really good temps no?

For aircooling yah, they're not bad. My Kraken X60 keeps my 8350 @ 4.8ghz ambient temp at idle, max load gets up to 45C. 

For an AMD 8-core, it's recommended to not go over 60C.

I agree, I prefer to stay under 60c. I checked out your profile nice build btw. Is that pic from Vancouver Island it looks familiar?  

Temps are fine!

but seriously dont use prime95 its just such an old and bad compiled programm its realy bad to use, its better to use aida64 benchmarks.

although prime95 is extremely good at testing max temps. not necessarily stability though. the Highest temps I've seen have come from prime95.

it should be noted OP, that you will never see those temps again in a real world load because Prime95 is a monster.

exactly what i thought, looks kinda Sydney-(ish)

23rd person i now know using an 8350 on the island... i am quite proud.


if you are talking to me it is in Norway :)

Thanks guys :) 

If we would go back to the temperatures:

  • Stated maximum threshold is around 70 degrees (throttling)
  • On the fact CPU will cause instabilities from 60 degrees
  • In reality you do not want to exceed 55 degrees

*Note that shown temperature may be different from real due to thermal sensor inaccuracy (that margin of error may be from 5 to 20 degrees but in reality it is from 5 to 10 degrees, but be aware that 20 degrees is possibility too)  

I find 62c is the highest "acceptable"  core temp and 70c max socket temp (even at undervolted cpu socket temp stays quite high). 

Are you using coretemp to monitor temperatures? 

well dont botter much, i use a stock cooler  at my FX8350 at 4.2ghz, i will replace it soon, but yeah, its working fine, wenn i use prime95 in a warm room, then it will go up to 51 degrees, but mostly wenn gaming its getting arround 46-48. but the stock coolers sounds worste then a Ferrari engine, my record is letting it blow at 6500 RPM lol ☺

what are you thinking about going with? please dont say notcua, im tired of that shit. haha

Haha no my case has plenty of room and options, im thinking a H100i push pull ☺

Since i even have dust filters ontop of the case, i think i will make a push pull config  letting the fans suck air in from the outsite, instead of letting them blow out.

you should try both orientations to see how each performs. i wonder about sucking in air from the top since hot air rises and you'll be mixing up the hot air that's naturally  at the top of the case.

I am on a h80i with mine clocked at 4.6ghz

I have yet to have it go past 59, and its still damn quiet, which I like.

I could easily get more out of it but I want the temps and noise to stay where they are.

yeah i need to look what the best option is, i also have 2 front intake fans and 1 back exhaust fan, that why i was thinking to let it blow in, but i have to look at it. ☺