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Noob water cooling questions

What temp should I expect my H100i v2 to sit at? I’ve seen videos before of intel workstation chips cesting at 51, so it 41 on a 3900x a good temp to expect from this thing?

If I used liquid metal would I benefit from it or just fuck up my coldplate?

How can I tell if theres gunk in the lines?

Whele am I actuallf supposed to plug the pump in on the mobo? Does it matter or is there a spot to plug pumps in? (Cpu_fan, cpu_opt, sys_fan 1 - 4, sys_fan_pump 5 and 6)

Does push pull on a radiator make that much of a difference? It seems to drop like 4-6 deg on my machine, but that could be anything else happening atp that I just don’t klow whats happening.

What is austensibly better than my cooler? I’d still like a waterblock I have literally wanted one for forever (its lame I know)

What air cooler kicks water coolers asses up and down the road?

Is there a water cooler I could correctly mount to the front of my xb evo? Or are there not ones long enough? How would I search for those specifications?


Seems fine to me

Unless you are doing serious

OC there is no gain from this and I am not sure what the cold plate material is on that aio. TLDR Skip

Generally there is a fan pin labeled pump follow AIO manual for what is needed

Depends a lot on fans and rad, but generally its not worth it.

I mean watercooling has disadvantages and advantages over air cooling, there is not major gain when going to a custom loop other then reliability, looks and expand-ability imo

the fact that you have less points of failure is the main gain for air coolers and they never clog or run dry etc.

Might be something that you could find on the product manufacture page(tube length or something). I would maybe suggest looking PCpartpicker completed builds might be able to find one.



Is that why when I plug a fan into one of the pump ports they don’t spin? I thought PWM was PWM?

I’ll have to look again.

In my case I have my 970 and Grid K2 in the PCIe ports. Do the doubled up fans at all help for consistant airflow? If I do one set of fans, the corsair fans can spin at 2600 while the CM fans spin at 1350, max speeds. If I did one set of fans to keep it quieter, which should I do? Does faster fan mean larger volume of air, generally?

I should probably look up how fans actually work.

Oh no I’m aware theres good and bad, but honestly I just think they’re cool. And it looks a lot nicer than an air cooler IMO.

I’m meaning more like what air cooler performs as good or better than say a kraken X63.


Dude you’re a genius

PWM is PWM to a certain extent, the draw of power needed to run the pump is decent compared to a fan.

I would say not generally unless you are running them at a variable speed instead of a static one

Yeah they’re running at the mobo’s stock fan speed curve.

might help a bit if your rad is restrictive (high fpi count)

Noctua has beaten some water coolers in tests but it’s been a while since I looked into it

Set fans to max, see which ones blow more air with sense of touch, if both same size and blade design probably the faster one
Put in pull confirmation

As far as air coolers can’t go wrong with phanteks or noctuas big double tower heatsinks, like their biggest ones

Wether or not they’ll fit IDK

I would set a custom fan and pump profile that’s aggressive and makes out speed at like 55c, can be done in bios

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Usually just set the pump to a decent flow and let it sit as you gain very little increasing the flow. With an AIO i might let it ramp as they are probably pretty loud at a decent flow rate.