Noob trying to make first pc

Hey I am trying to make my first pc to run some high end games. I am looking for parts on craigslist right now and I need suggestions on what to look for. I want to do this with least amount of expenses as possible. Should I pick this up?
or this?

This is a really old machine with really old hardware. It could be worth the 20$ but if you are aiming for "high end" games that will definitly get you nowhere.

It would really help if you could supply us with a budget and maybe a use-case, a specific game or application that you want to run.

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No... neither of those are going to get you anywhere really... I suggest watching these videos especially if you want to stay on an extremely low budget.

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Sorry man, but don't expect to run any "high end" games with a $20 budget (I don't consider 5FPS running). You're gonna need at least $100, unless you're incredibly lucky.

The first is SFF, meaning upgrades will be a pain if they're possible at all, and the second is too old to be viable.

The trick is to haggle people down on individual parts. for example, I built a broadwell i5 system with a 290, 8gb ram, and a terabyte of storage + boot ssd for $430 USD by haggling on craigslist on individual parts.

since you live in a tech heavy area, this type of junkyard rig should be even easier.