Noob to Qubes OS, now what?

So far I’ve gotten everything set up and have been using it as a basic web surfing computer but for stuff like coding and most work I end up falling back on my Windows machine. I would probably use it more if there was more of a draw to it productivity-wise but with the lack of a good Java IDE (That I have found) I haven’t found a reason to dedicate to it as my main OS. Any recommendations?

Added the helpdesk tag so people know you need help.

You want to find a Java IDE right OP? What are your wishes/wants/needs?

I’m used to using inteliJ, but really anything with a good user environment. So far all I’ve been able to find has been eclipse but that’s missing a lot of the functionality that inteliJ had that I and had gotten used to. I’m fine with losing some functionality because I do enjoy the security of Qubes OS, but if there are any other programs that people have good experiences with I’d love to try them.

why couldn’t you just use intellij in a linux or windows VM? that’s the whole point of qubes

For some reason I know that it was Linux comparable. A bit of a dumb move on my part. Thanks for the quick responses.

qubes is just a xen microkernel that runs other virtualized operating systems. you can run anything you can virtualize.