Noob in need of help with SSH and remote desktop on ubuntu 16.04.1 [solved]

right i wont lie im currently learning so im a hella noob here but i need some help.

got myself a dedicated server i don’t own it got it though a hosting company mcprohosting
yes its a minecraft server

what they have me was phpmyadmin logins i don’t know how to work that

what i really need is remote desktop or SSH how in the hell do i set that up

ps my minecraft server is working on it fine can manage all that though a site called multicraft i just want to be able to use it to its fullest

right start the comments about poor structure of the post and how im a hella noob bellow but also feel free to help me …plz (whispers “i dont know whats going on”)

should add i asked them for help but haven’t heard anything for hours and i knew this would be best place to ask on the internet

You might Google for your hosting company and SSH access. It looks like there’s a forum post from 2015 about it on your hosting company’s site. I can’t access it at work because we have super restrictive internet access. :roll_eyes: With generalized hosting companies like Bluehost, they’ll often ask for a copy of your ID before they give you SSH access.

FYI, PHPMyAdmin is a terrible industry standard among hosting companies that don’t want to try at all. It’s basically an internet facing screen door into your MySQL database. I’m not sure that Minecraft would use MySQL much though, so you may be okay.

They should have an SSH link on the dash just like any other host site. Check out Digital Ocean. Jupiter Broadcasting has a deal where they give you 100 bucks for free with a promo code but I forget what it is.

First of all, you’re going to need PuTTY and maybe something like FileZilla to manage files on the server via GUI. I would try connecting with the same info you use to connect to your minecraft server, minus the port of course. SSH is usually done over port 22 unless otherwise specified. Use the same logins as your phpmyadmin. If that doesnt work, you will likely have to wait for them to respond. FWIW I have hosted many minecraft servers but I have never used a hosting company that only provides minecraft hosting. I usually used Digital Ocean or I self hosted from my own connection. Digital Ocean is probably not worth using since you would need lots of RAM and that can get expensive.

guys thank you all for your replies

got filezilla working used that many times in the past.

got putty installed but can’t figure out how to connect to my server put in the ip and it asks for a password. entered all the passwords they sent me none of them are working and my support tickets are no longer being answered

searched there own forums and done many google searches unless i’m missing something i can’t find anything that leads me to the right place

It should prompt for a username first then password.

Unfortunately you are going to have to contact their support staff and prove to them that you are who you say you are. The password you are looking for shoul b’s be a general one. When I had my web server I had to contact their support staff which showed me where on the control software for the server which page displa yes the password for saying into my server. Most hosting companies won’t send the password by email, at least that has been my experience. I hope this helps.

thank you very much for your reply i didn’t know i would need to do that

on a side note i think this has been the most friendliest forum i have ever been on think i’ll stick around

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Just a heads up, the password should be different than the one you use to log in to your server from a web browser. At least it was for me.

hey guys thank you for all your help i managed to get root access to my server using SSH.

New issue is this Help with setting up an VNC server (Noob in need of help)

fix one thing and a new issue pops up :frowning:

Honestly tho guys thank you so much for your help best forum i have ever been on