Non-Thunderbolt external mounting case or bracket for GPU

Hi. I got a Ghost Canyon NUC (those cute lunchboxes with skulls) and a single fan Asus RTX 3060. Long story short: the GPU is the right length is too thick and it didn’t fit. While I initially thought about returning the vendor has nothing available that fits those dimensions and a the price I can afford. Its okay I’m using it through thunderbolt at the moment.

I would like to use proper PCI-E x16 tho. I’m in the look for ways to mount the GPU outside with riser cables and some support.

This can’t be such an esoteric thing nowadays with people trying to mount dozens of GPUs to mine right? I’ve been in the look but most products seem to be some solution to mount the gpu in a different alignment inside a case. I’m looking for something that looks nice on a desk.

Do you guys know any non thunderbolt enclosure for that? Appreciate any help.


For whoever gets himself in his situation in the future, I got myself another NUC9 compatible case that can fit a full GPU. I’ve opted for the CoolerMaster NC100 case

To be honest the build quality is not as near as the lego-like elegant style of the original Intel NUC9 case and the case is also missing antennas for bluetooth and wifi but hey the GPU fits and I’m not limited by size anymore.

With mining, or hash cracking for that matter, the PCIe speed at which the GPU is attached is largely irrelevant, so from what I’ve seen, mining rigs often simply attach their multiple GPUs at PCIe 3 x1. That probably allows for some easy tolerances when it comes to extending the distance/cabling between the hardware (motherboard, riser, etc.)

Thunderbolt, on the other hand, has specific chips on each end of the connection to support serializing PCIe down a cable of specific design, repeat/clean the signal, detect/correct errors, etc. – and has topped out at PCIe 3 x4 for some time.

So, extending a PCIe 3/4 x16 connection very far from the source bus might be beyond capabilities at this point.

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