Non RGB liquid cooling parts

Frustration has led me to Level1techs. I cannot find for the life of me find Non-RGB or even Non-lit waterblocks or pump-res combos. Any assistance or guidance to a seller would be greatly appreciated.

Watercool makes blocks without rgb I think. If not their rgb is pretty simple to remove, atleast on the tr4 model.

Not sure on pump/res combo. I used separate pump and reservoir.

First off, welcome to the forum, we’re glad to have you. As mentioned by ChuckH Watercool has the Heatkiller IV, but XSPC also has some non-rgb options for their Raystorm blocks. I’m not sure with pump/res combos, but performance-pcs will likely have something that fits your needs.

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I’m with you on the RGB annoyance. I have RGB on my EK pump/res, but I simply don’t plug the in RGB. I have a Heatkiller IV CPU block with no RGB.

Just don’t turn it on? Specifically avoiding it is restricting your options more than it’s worth. Make your decisions based on performance and cost first.

I understand what you mean, I just didn’t want to hassle with the cabling honestly. And my fed up moment was thinking " I’ll just clip the damn wires " , but that might not be a great idea.

Thank you for the welcome. I have been a long time lurker/fan of Wendell and Tek-things since before I knew what he looked like. These are great ideas and will look at them ASAP. Thanks again.

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