Non-Patreon donations to the TEK?

I was wondering if there is a way to make single donations to the tek outside of patreon? Do you guys accept paypal donations? I don't really want to open a patreon account, and I can't pledge a monthly donation, and I'm not much for badges. Please give us the low-down on all the ways we can donate.


Yes you can also subscribe to tek support.

Or you could also buy something from the shop.
That will also help us out allot.


I think I'm a little on the stupid side. I went to the first link and all I saw was patreon and bitcoin donations. Can someone donate with paypal?

you can use patreon to donate and then just cancel before the end of the month.

edit: actually i think you might have to wait a full month before it goes through. just monitor your checking acct i guess

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I was hoping to avoid opening yet another account, with another password, something else linked to my checking account, all that. I appreciate the replies. I might have to get that damn mouse then:)

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Not sure if you can donate by paypal, but you can with a credit card. But yeah, might as well get the mouse. I know I will :)

For patreon, if you have a facebook account, you can just use that, make your donation, once you get an email saying your transaction payment has gone through, you can cancel.

I don't do facebook, twitter, or any of that social stuff aside from youtube and the tek. I still don't have a cell phone:) But that is a great tip for others that have a facebook account !!!

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Good a time as any to get away from paypal.

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I agree, but need it for friggin' ebay. It is also handy to have something a little more secure for purchases.

buy stuff on Amazon using their affiliate link. I do it all the time

That's a good tip, do they get much from using their affiliate link?

Honestly, support is support at this point. I have heard that Affiliate link returns can reach up to 30% in certain scenarios and price points, but that can be disputed.

At the bottom left of the main page

Bitcoin Tip Jar:


or buy stuff from Epic Pants !

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