Non-K Overclock

Mwa ha ha ha...this took a lot of effort though to get it stable.

Ran it through max settings on intel burn test, temps maxed in the mid 70's. Ran it through prime overnight, then gamed on it after work the next day. Hoping to hit 2000 mhz on the RAM, I've been creeping up to my goal.

750 watt psu


4x4G G.skill rated at 1600mhz

1 500 G hdd

1 Tera hdd

MSI Z77A G43 mobo

Xigmatek Dark Knight heatsink

Crap ton of case fans in a HAF 922 case

Needless to say, I didn't get anything done around the house like I should have over the weekend. 

I'd advise against increasing the bus width on Ivy Bridge; on Sandy, sure, but it can easily ruin Ivy, if you push it too far.

Yeah, that is partly why it took so long to get the settings I have meow. Took baby steps up to this point. I still want that RAM up to 2000mhz stable. Current settings are working great, I am pleased with it.