Non hoppy Beer

     So my wife got me the five piece gift set from epic pants. I must say I am very pleased to have quality beer drinking hardware. unfortunately the pint glass was shattered in shipping, but I'm  certain that shipping insurance will cover that. I just wanted to leave this here and perhaps start a discussion on beers that do not have a hoppy flavor. I prefer any belgian trappist but i am looking to branch out and curious about suggestions.  

Stouts and porters. I like Fuller's London Porter, Harviestoun Old Engine Oil, Belhaven stouts, etc. I can buy those beers here in the middle of a forest, so I'd guess that they're widely available.

Also I'd suggest looking into some wheat beers.

My absolute favorite in that genre - Rochefort 10

It's silly good - make sure you pay attention to serving temp - if this beer is too cold it's is just meh.

It also needs to be served in the right kind of glass. Even here in Belgium some people can forget that.