Non GCN cards moved to legacy support
im surprised by this since the 7000 series cards are most of the 200 series also i the r9 270 a gcn card or not?

7000 are the first GCN cards... 200 are half rebrands, half new brands, and 300 is half rebrand of 200, half new, and 370, that is rebrand 270 that is 7850, that is XBox1 gpu...

I can't imagine many people are running cards that old

ive seen a few people post that they have a 7770 @Fouquin has one and hes been testing the latest graphics driver version on it and since the 200 series is a rebrand does the 270 count as a gcn card?

270 is a GCN card. Almost the whole 7000 series are GCN.
But a few low end ones I think.

There are a lot of guys running 6950/6970's even 6990's

At least they still get crimson, if it really does take some work off the driver team it's probably worth it for AMD to do it so they can hurry up with the optimization on Fury

Sounds like excuses to me thay havent even finished crimson lol

I thought it just released

it did and the only cards it works corectly on are fury cards and thay cudent even be arsed to finish all the menu's in it lol

Like this one

Someone really needs to buy AMD so they can get the money they need to hire people and compete

Works just fine on my 7950 and 7770.

try fallout and gta 5

370 is not a rebrand 270, the 270 and 270X are both updated 7870s. The 370 is a step back to the 7850.

Don't play either, and honestly the compass bug isn't a game breaker. Oblivion had a similar bug (never fixed on console) and the game was still playable.

I kind of disagree, since 370 performance wise is right between 270 and 270X, but whatever... This doesn't really matter that much... But 370 is still a rebrand of a rebrand. The only rebrand of a rebrand actually...

It doesn't really matter if you agree, the point is the 370 does not have 1280 SPUs, while the 270 and 270X do. :P,4178.html

Quote :
In March of 2012, more than three years ago, Pitcairn first saw the light of day. It was in a card called the Radeon HD 7850 back then, and it later resurfaced as the R7 270. Pitcairn continues life as the Radeon R7 370.
End quote...

Don't even start with me.

Pitcairn XT: 1280 SPUs, 32 ROPs, 80 TMUs - Radeon HD 7870
Pitcairn PRO: 1024 SPUs, 32 ROPs, 64 TMUs - Radeon HD 7850

R9 270 and R9 270X are both Pitcairn XT. R9 370 is Pitcairn PRO.

And here are some review links with hardware breakdowns if you are still confused:

Knowing the architecture suffixes will help you in the future.


Hmm, this would allow me to move to a CF 7850 soon, just because I want to kick out my 470s, they're becoming intolerable; heat and noise. And because I already have one but not used very well and may consider buying another one for matched performance. So I'm almost close to being left out by AMD.

You know, "GCN" made me think of a reality TV show from Oz...