Non Constant FPS Drop?

So i just want to make this a nice, short question.

I'm just wondering what this is, and what could be causing it... In games like Metro 2033 and other high-end graphics games, my fps seems to be dropping quite a lot, then immediately back up! in a more recent game that i've tried which is Outlast maxed out, when i start the game my fps like halves, then goes right back up, it does that a few times when i start my game.

You can check my PC specs out on my profile, not extremely detailed but it'll tell you what i have :)

Anyway, one more thing. This couldn't be a bottleneck, right? because it's not at all a constant low fps, just a drop then right back up. So it's really bugging me and im sure my computer can handle these games. And im pretty damn positive my temps with everything are completely fine as well.

Feel free to any questions because this is not an extremely detailed report of this problem that i've wrote out above.

Thanks in advance for the help and replies :D











Please, don't double post. Deleted the other thread.

Looks like the weak link is your CPU, by the way.

 non-constant FPS drop? so your FPS are not constant?

also the i3 you are using could be bottle necking the GPU and/or games. i would start at an i5 for gaming.

are the frames dropping in different areas of the game or when you'er just standing in one spot? 

I literally glanced over your profile, and would guess the i3 would be the culprit.

If the cpu isn't used that much, you'll be fine... But when the physics and ai start to join the battle, you might be bogged down by the i3. Just a guess.

Hope that makes sense,


Might be drivers, but its probably the CPU as brennan said.

well, looks like my next purchase will be an i5 :/ and sorry for double posting, i really was not sure where to post it :P and by non constant fps i mean that when the frames drop, it's non a constant drop... it goes down then comes back up, meaning that it's not a hardware issue? anyway, thanks for all the replies!