Node 304 fans/CPU heatsink cleaning

This is a two part question and they're unrelated to each other. Put them together so I'm not spamming up the forum.

My first question is does anyone have suggestions for 92mm fans to replace the preinstalled intake fans on the Fractal Design Node 304? I just got it today and tested the fans, only to be disappointed by how little air they move. I'm looking for fans that can push a lot more air and still be relatively quiet, i.e. potentially louder than the ones already in there but not as loud as a jet.

My second question might be silly. Is it safe to clean a CPU heatsink with CLR? I noticed that I have a bit of calcium/lime on the heatsink fins (salty sea air from living across from the beach) and was wondering if dunking that portion of it in CLR is a safe and effective method of removing it.

Thanks for reading and any helpful replies, in advance.

You could take a look at Gelid Wings or Antec Tricools for 92mm.

See if that %99 isopropyl alcohol works for cleaning,if not you can use clr and then use rubbing alcohol for cleaning the clr residue.

Will the Gelids be compatible with the onboard fan controller? I see by the specs it powers the preinstalled 92mm fans at 1300RPM whereas the Gelids run at 2000RPM. My concern is that they'll run the same speed as the ones already in there or be completely incompatible or wonky with the fan controller.

I was thinking the CLR would be convenient for loosening it up at least and then finishing off what's left with the alcohol so thanks for reassuring me of my plan.