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Noctua NH-U12A vs NH-C14s?

First post here,

I recently picked a silverstone RL06 GP (3x intake fans, 1x exhaust and I plan on adding 1 top exhaust fan). It appears I’m limited to 158mm cooler height i’m trying to decide between Noctua NH-U12A ($130 CAD ) vs NH-C14s ($95 CAD).

This will be cooling a ryzen 3000 or the upcoming ryzen 4000 (12c/24t to 16c/32t undecided).

The reviews I’ve read seem to give the C14s a slight edge for CPU/VRM cooling but will the downfiring airflow disrupt the GPU cooling performance? Would the use of SP fans on the exhaust/top help if this is an issue? Am i better off going with the NH-U12A?


thank you

I have the NH-C14S in a mini ITX build and can tame the 3900x . But my case cannot take a cooler taller than 148mm . If you can fit it (and afford it) go for the NH-U12A - it’s even better (better even than many AIOs) …

Not in a way that matters


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Try and find U12S… It’s pretty much the same cooler as the U12A just with different fans.
I’m not 100% sure but you may be able to stuff an NH-D14 in there. The cooler is pretty much the height of 120mm cooler with 140mm fan, so there’s that.

U12s maybe a good idea since i already have a spare NF-F12 PWM fan. I was originally planning on swapping the rear exhaust fan with my spare NF-F12

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sent the question to Noctua, i’m curious to see their thoughts on the comparison.

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"Greetings from Noctua!

Thank you very much for contacting us.

The Noctua NH-U12A cooler is our recommendation.

Kind regards,

Kadir Gürbüz

Your Noctua Support-Team"

Now i just have to decide between the Noctua NH-U12A and the NH-U12s(in push/pull since i have an extra NF-F12 PWM)

Part of me thinks the U12S would be sufficient since i’ll be using one of the highest airflow cases in the market today (RL06).

I would grab a Fuma 2 if i could find one in Canada for a reasonable price (impossible to date)

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