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We check out two different Noctua cooling units. One tower that leaves room for a GPU in the first slot and one beefy small form factor cooling unit.

Noctua has been on or near the top of the list when it comes to quality. Here we have some updates and iterations on other popular designs. The Noctua NH-D15S is basically an NH-D15 that has been shifted to make room for 1st slot graphics cards. The NH-C14S is an improved NH-C14.

Check out the video for all the details, overclocked benckmarks, etc.

Look for these units soon:

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What voltages did you guys use when overclocking?
And what program did you use to measure with?

Just curious.

You mention that it has a "copper base" but I don't see it at all. Did you misspeak, are they false advertising, or is it something I am not aware of that you are referring to?

Both the heat pipes and the base is copper, but they are all nickel plated, which gives it that silver color.

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Did you run these tests only in the open test bench? I wonder what the results would be if it was in a case.

Noctua´s are very decent aircooling units.
They are basicly one of the best aircooling solutions out there.
The Noctua fans, are realy quiet.

No, I agree.

Noctua makes excellent cooling solutions in general imho.

My only beef with them is the coloring/branding? that they insist on (same as Logan said on the vid). I get it, they want to stand out. If they gave more options as to color schemes that would simply make a lot of people happy. :)

Still though I insist. Great fans, low noise, feel solid and not too bad heat pipes as well.

Edit: My manners...geez...loved the video, as always nit-picky and to the point. keep it up, and thank you :)

So it's a nickel-plated copper base

I think the "S" stands for "Single Fan."

I'm glad to see some of the higher end of product manufacturers, like Noctua and Thermalright, adopting accommodating designs.

RE: Case temps

I've got one of the low profile coolers in a HAF XB case. Push pull fans blowing downwards (the case is horizontal) and with ambient at 20-22 DegC I get 31 DegC idle, 42-44 DegC gaming and 50 DegC using Prime95 on an i5-3570K OC @ 4.2 GHz.

Post your specs here:

i cool my cpus with noctua coolers and i also cool myself with cold high quality beer. win and win!

I got the NH-C14S on my 5820K, very pleased with it.
Noctua hardware is a pleasure to work with.