Noctua NH-D15

I’m currently using an evga 240mm AIO with Noctua nf-f12s to cool my 9900k. I hit 100 on a number of cores in cinebench runs. Gaming is around the mid 60s. This has all been at stock settings.

I’m hoping to overclock and am thinking a little better cooling would be helpful. Could I expect the Noctua NH-D15 to offer enough improvement to warrant the cost?

Damn… I can’t persuade my CPU to go over 65C.
Check the pump speed and push it to the max. Weirdly enough the pump speed is a bit more important than the fans and what not.
D15 may take a few degrees off, but I would not say it will be a drastic change in thermals.
Maybe your issue is somewhere else as in case airflow and what not, but on the other hand

And that’s fine…
Personally I wouldn’t buy D15. 240AIO with good fans is already adequately enough cooling.
What case are you using? What fan config you have?

Using one of these with my new 3800x CPU and it keeps it nice and cool.

But I also think that the AIO unit should be fine as well.

sounds to me like you have an airflow problem.


Its actually not, unless the pump isnt pumping at all. It makes no difference if you have .5 GPM or 10 GPM since the only thing that changes is the delta across the radiator.

My case is a fractal define c. 2 nf-a14 in the front, a nf-f12 in the rear, and the radiator in the top as exhaust. The pump is set to 100% in the bios.

I’ve used the same configuration for my last build in a nano s and had better results. Considered looking into voltage but figure I am missing something obvious.

Reapplied thermal paste and that seems to have resolved it. It looked thin when I removed the pump. Perhaps too much pressure and it spread thin?


Glad to hear you solved your issue. Temp spikes to high levels on only some cores are normally a paste problem as a thing to look out for. To answer your original question, not that you need it answered any more, the NHD-15 should be about the same cooling capacity as a 240 AIO liquid cooler. I have one on my Ryzen 7 1700 overclocked and leave the fan at the slowest setting and stay under 55c at all times. I had a 240 AIO on here before, and was almost exactly the same temps.

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