Noctua NH-D15. That's right, fifteen


And there you have it.

if I didn't already have a HAVIK, i'd want one of these...

same shit

I still want noctua to team up with asatek, or even make their own AIO. So many people are getting AIOs and replacing the fans with nf-f12's, it'd be nice to see what the amazing engineering teams at noctua could do to with it.

Just because it looks similar does not necessarily mean it's the same, I would wait for the reviewers to get their hands on it to pass that kind of judgement.

Eh... It doesn't look like its a huge improvement over the NH-D14, at least not enough for me to desire getting it over a Silver Arrow 

Still looks ugly as shit...

looks like they decided to copy everyone else and put those grooves in the fan blades.

Its 150mm wide now.Might block the 1st pcie slot :)

Its nice to see an update to the legend.

I'll take an air cooler over aio's any day.Air coolers are quieter,more reliable and have the same performance.

To be honest, I doubt that there will be massive differences between this and the NH-D 14. It just seems like a refresh, which is fine as long as they don't stop the support for the NH-D 14, since I'm looking forward to using it for the next few years and their support has been amazing until now. We'll have to wait and see of course, but I doubt that anyone who owns an NH-D 14 (or any other high end air cooler) would think about an upgrade to this.

For the people complaining about the looks: It is a massive heatsink, it is extremely quiet and it performs really well. Who the hell cares about the brown fans? I'm so happy that there is a company that doesn't put LEDs and stupid branding all over their products. They have that business look, no stupid names (Skill3r mega üb0r g4ming product) and that's it.