Noctua NH-D12 or Kraken x60?

I assume this is where this kind of question gets posted, so I decided to build my own PC this summer after dealing with laptops, the awesome guys at the building PC forum helped my put together a nice PC (specs below)

originally the PC forum suggested the Noctua NH-D12 for my cooling needs and my friend who has built a few in the past said since I am getting the i7-4770K CPU to get the x60 since I should want  to over clocking it, so should  I go with the current cooler? or go for the Noctua? I do want to over clocking  the i7 but I am cautious about over clocking  since I am unsure of how to do it and don't want to break the lovely CPU I spent saving for break or become damaged. Should i stick with the Kraken in case I want to OC it or go with the Noctua since if I want to over clock it won't be for a while


Thanks, Web Cobra

The NH-D12 has plenty of cooling capacity for overclocking, it is a very good cooler. You would be better off sticking to the noctua, since water cooling can be a pain. Plus, you really only need water cooling for hard core overclocking, and at that point you are better off running a custom loop than getting an all in one water cooler. Considering that you seem hesitant to overclock, just stick to air cooling and dabble with overclocking a bit once you are comfortable with your system.

Thanks Demon, that had me pulling my hair out deciding on what to get. The rest of the computer will be here within the week :) thanks for putting my mind at ease

Are those that parts you already have?

Yes most of the stuff has been ordered or will be hence why most parts are marked as 0.00 why?

Do you already have the NH-D14? That is you current cooler or am I reading it wrong. Sorry for the confusion. 

I don't have either yet, I'm looking to see what one I should get

Go with the NH-D14 it will cool Moore than enough and is completely reliable with no water to potentially leak, pumps to break and you don't need better after market fans.

I have a NH-D14 myself for an FX-6100 with a healthy over clock and it is very good cooler. Almost silent too, I say almost because I am sure it has to make noise but I have never heard it.


Okay, thanks dude!