Noctua Nf-F12's loud buzz noise at Full Speed....?

So I discovered that my PC was creating a loud buzzing noise under load when I was rendering a video and stress testing it. I diagnosed that it's actually my NF-F12's that I put on my h80i in push/pull. They create this unbearable buzzing noise...

This noise still persist under load despite it set to "Silent" in my BIOS settings, so I did a quick remedy by setting it to manual at a low speed. It's fine now

I have both fans plugged into my CPU Fan header with the y-cable that came with the fans. The pump is plugged into the CPU OPT header set to Silent in the BIOS.

Relevent Specs:
Gigabyte Z97X-UD5H
Case: Bequiet! Silent Base 800, Rad mounted at the rear 120mm spot

Thanks for the help in advance!

PWM controlled fans? Noctuas have a long warranty, you might want to rma them. Could be a bearing issue. I would try the setup with only one fan (so push or pull), just to see if it is the fan or the setup.

Can you test the fans outside your case? Noctuas should come with a molex-3pin adapter. Plugging a 4 pin into a 3 pin lets the fan run at max rpm.

I set the NF-F12's to 1000-1200Rpm in corsair link if you run them too high you get buzzing and the h80i silent seting is over 1300Rpm (as the stock fans rpm's are much higher)

I experienced something similar with my PWM ippc fans, the buzzing was caused by using them in DC mode for some reason. If you have PWM fans check what mode your fan headers are running if they support DC and PWM modes.

Are you sure that it is the fans, and not the pump on the cooling unit?

My only other guess, if something is not awry, is that it might be with how the fans are configured. Fans, when pulling air through a grate or radiator, can create more noise than usual... Although, if this noise just started, that may rule that out.

Thank you all VERY much for help. I greatly appreciate this.

I recently sent an email to Noctua Support as well.
I am 100% sure it is my fans. The buzzing noise kicks on @1490RPM while the pump remains at a constant rate. I will try out all Corsair Link and lower the RPM's and see how it goes.I will update on that when I get around doing it tomorrow. I feel maybe my problem lies in the fact the fans are plugged into the 4-pin CPU header?