Noctua NF-F12 vs Corsair SP120

Hello people of the forum :)

I was wondering what pair of fans would be better for my H100i. Currently I am running my H100i in Pull config and   with the stock SP120 Fans included with the H100i, however I have heard that Noctua's NF-F12 fans are really good for static pressure, and might even be better than the SP120's. Another question is that will the NF-F12's work with Corsair Link? Can anyone with an H100i with NF-F12's vouch for this?

Thanks in advance


NF-F12 they would be better in my opinion. Because they have a focused flow on them making them better for heatsinks. But the corsair fans still perform very well.

As for corsair link. Yes it will work from what i've read.

Thanks :)

They're both almost exactly the same, just pick the cheaper one.  Same airflow and pressure with like 1% difference.

Same performance but I do much prefer the colour/design of the Corsair so if looks (windowed panel) are important consider this.